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Clock Spring Rubbing Noise

An airbag clock spring is used to connect the steering wheel to other electrical devices such as the airbag safety system radio volume and station selections horn and cruise controls. This is done using a series of small wires wound between an upper and lower plate which is mounted between the steering column and the steering wheel.

Clock Spring Youcanic

Rubbing noise from steering wheelsteering column Jan 16 2014 544am My 2009 Escalade had a loose steering wheel it had significant left-to-right play and the steering wheel itself also made this weird creakingclicking noise when you turned it at low speeds.

Clock spring rubbing noise. If you hear crunching from just behind your steering wheel you probably have a bad clock spring. Rubbing noise when you turn the steering wheel This is one of the early warning signs that the clockspring is starting to fail. Both strut mounts replaced under warranty the noise still there Any idea.

When I turn steering wheel I can hear plastic rubbing noise. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. To correct a Spring Driven Clocks mantle or wall clock that is bonging the hour when the minute hand gets to 6 oclock instead of 12 oclock just count the bongs take off the minute hand and reinstall it on the clock pointing to 12 oclock then turn the hour hand to the hour you heard the clock bong and its done.

The clock motor worked fine but the leather was coming unglued and the dial cover was getting cloudy. Check for a roller. Search across the entire site Search in this forum Search in this discussion.

Dealer and they say they cant find where the noise is coming fromI would like know if there was a recall on this problem. So far a boot at the bottom of the steering column near the brake pedal has been replaced and a clock-spring too. The clock spring is an electrical connection that allows the steering wheel to turn while still making an.

If the sound is right behind your steering wheel it may be the clock spring making noise. I just had the steering fluid flushed with normal service. Try your best to avoid the car dealership.

The piece that provides electrical contact between the wheel as it moves and the stationary part of the steering column. Look for two round drum support rollers made of white plastic on metal supports either at 2 oclock and 5 oclock relative to the drum or both around the 5 oclock position. If you are hearing a loud rubbing noise when turning it is likely that the problem is coming from the upper bearing of the steering wheel column.

I used a fine metal polish to clean up the dial cover glued down the leather cleaned it and then finished the leather with neutral shoe polish. If the sound and the sensation are coming from the steering wheel itself I would suspect a defective clock spring 8212. HOW TO KNOW IF CLOCK SPRINGS IS BAD Check out our Amazon store for the tools that we use in our videos.

The clock spring in your car is an electrical connection that maintains contact even if one side is rotated. It consists of a round contact pad on the steering column and a small spring on your steering wheel that makes contact. Its the airbag clockspring.

Symptoms of a bad clock spring can include an illuminated airbag light the horn doesnt work the cruise control switch doesnt work the steering wheel buttons dont work andor you hear a rubbing-like noise when turning the steering wheel. The grindingrubbing noise has continued unabated. It does seem quieter when the SUV is cold but as its driven the noise gets louder.

Eventually the clockspring will wear and the ribbon inside the clock spring will break. Im going to live with mine. The clock in Photo 4 is also an electric clock and is covered in leather.

I have a 2003 silverado and there is a noise in the steering when you turn the steering wheel like a rubbing noise sounds like rubber rubbing together took to GM. It was a common issue with the Fords and even after replacing the clockspring the noise would come back. You may also hear a rubbing scraping or grinding noise coming from inside the steering wheel if the ribbon has disconnected from the terminals and is rubbing against the side of the housing.

Dealer will replace clock spring. How can I save money.

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