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Denton Vacuum Desk Iii

DENTON VACUUM DESK II. A standard 6 diameter Glass Cylinder with top and bottom seals sits on the aluminum Baseplate.

Desk V Thin Film Deposition Solution Denton Vacuum

Bid Service LLC Video DemoWalkaround Denton Vacuum Desk II Sputter System Bid Service LLC – We BUY SELL used equipment.

Denton vacuum desk iii. Denton Desk III TSC Sputter Coater Standard Operating Procedures In case of emergency contact. Gold Target 2375 D X 002 Thick for all Desk systems DSM-5a systems. We also offer optional on-site support for on-demand service preventative maintenance leak detection and training.

CAE has 10 sputtering systems currently available. High purity 60mm diameter targets for Denton DESK II DESK III DESK IV DESK V Edwards 150B Scancoat Emitech K500 K550 K650 and Emscope SC500 sputter coaters. Copper Target 9999 Cu Ø60mm x 0076mm each 19500.

Prepared specimens were held on micro test clips Radio Shack 270-373 and mounted on stubs for observation with a Hitachi 570s 15kV SEM. Denton Desk II – SOP. The sputterer uses Argon UHP-Plus grade.

High purity 60mm 2 38 diameter Targets for Denton DESK II DESK III DESK IV DESK V Edwards 150 B SCANCOAT Emitech K500K550K650 and Emscope SC500 sputter coaters 91217. Dried in a DCP-l Denton Vacuum with carbon dioxide. 999993 pure as its process gas.

INTRODUCTION GENERAL DESCRIPTION The Denton Vacuum DESK V Cold SputterEtch Unit is designed to deposit a conductive coating on an SEM sample and to provide some limited surface cleaning in some models. Shop for spare parts replacement parts and consumables for thin film deposition systems from Denton Vacuum. Technical specifications such as wafer size dimensions process of chambers etc.

The carbon evaporation accessory is available for coating samples with carbon. Desk V Standards and Options Desk V HP Desk V TSC DC sputtering Y Y Carbon evaporation O O Sputter etch samples Y. We are dedicated to keeping your Denton Vacuum solution operating in top form and to that end we provide phone and email support Monday through Friday 8am-5pm EST.

Specimens were then mounted on points and coated with a Denton Vacuum Desk II sputter coateI using a gold target for 6 minutes 15 Ma. 120 VAC 10 A for the Desk II sputtering system and 120 VAC 10 A for the Carbon Evaporation Accessory. 042809 IK Page 1 of 13.

We are brokering this. All Denton Vacuum solutions are backed by a 12-month warranty on parts and labor over 50 years of process knowledge an in-house process engineering group worldwide representation and support and a Global Factory Service Center. Weve been enabling innovation in thin film since.

Ben Myers 1-3439 O 312-218-2427 cell. Page 1 Denton Desk III TSC Sputter Coater Operating Instructions Metal Sputtering Au AuPd Pt 1. Plasma-Therm 790 Series Platform.

Denton Desk II – User Manual. DESK V Quick Start Manual. Desk Parts Seals Pyrex Glass Cylinders Bell Jars Bench Top Turbo Parts.

Browse our online inventory now. PLATE-SPECIMEN HOLDER MOUNTING DESK. We have photos of this equipment.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Were accountable for every transaction CAE will seek to collect as much information as you require to ensure that you receive the equipment in the condition that you are expecting. More details will result in more accurate referrals.

10 Gasket for Desk XLS BTT BTT III Systems quantity. Plasma-Therm 790 Dual Chamber PECVD RIE System. Price USD each Location.

Plasma-Therm 730 SLR PECVD Load-Locked System. Denton Vacuum LLC DESK V Quick Start Service. CAE finds the best deals on used DENTON VACUUM DESK II.

On the PDA start the Instant HMI software if it is not. For more information regarding p. 6 November 2015 1.

Denton Vacuums thin film deposition technologies provide superior performance in applications such as precision optics lift-off and step coverage dual-sided laser facet coating indium for wafer level packaging diamond-like carbon metallization and medical coatings. Standard Operating Procedure for the Denton Desk II Sputtering System Version. The Denton Desk II sputter coater is used to prepare SEM samples for imaging.

High purity 60mm diameter targets for Denton DESK II DESK III DESK IV DESK V Edwards 150B Scancoat Emitech K500 K550 K650 and Emscope SC500 sputter coaters.

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