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Desk Drawer Will Not Stay Closed

This only occurs on side mounted slides not bottom mounted ones. By using a low strength the drawer would stay closed and you wouldnt have to pull hard to open the drawer.

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Remove any obstacles and replace the drawer to test its operation.

Desk drawer will not stay closed. Favorite Answer The hinge your talking about is called a draw slider. Repairing or replacing the drawers slides will keep it closed after you shut it. It could be something has gotten stuck between the slider and mountoften its the keyboard wire.

I dont think theyre quite reliable enough for instances where something has to stay. It may like to stay open just a couple of inches or so or it may swing open all the way after you try to close. Investigating a Drawer That Wont Stay Closed If youre in the habit of loading stuff into the front of the drawer the extra weight may be forcing it open and you can probably cure your creeping drawer by rearranging whats inside.

Over time the rubber cracks and the bushing falls out so theres nothing keeping the drawer closed. For example a soup ladle in the lower drawer that protrudes into the glide path of the upper drawer will prevent it from closing all the way. Look into the drawer cavity with a flashlight to determine if some object is blocking the back of the cabinet.

Close all drawers and be sure the unit is leveled. Hopefully its not that. 48 out of 5 stars 8.

I personally would not use magnets for the application you have in mind. Take a screw from the drawer to your local hardware store for help finding matching screws. Drawers do not align 1.

Not quite as cat-proof if the cats figure it out but effective during earthquakes. Usually the rubber bushings are riveted on. I talked to my cabinet maker and he said there is a little rubber bushing on each drawer slide that keeps it closed.

Line up the bottom edge of the scrap with the bottom edge of the drawer and draw a line on the scrap using the top edge of the drawer as a guide. Video of the Day. Tip the back of the drawer at a 30-degree angle.

Get it as soon as Wed Mar 10. Open the drawer as far as possible. Either way the fix is the same.

On Sep 21 2019. Damaged loose or misaligned drawer slides allow a drawer to slide back open after closing. Bring the drawer up horizontally and the wheels will lock into.

You may have to drill NEW. For upper cabinets we use touch latches. Cut a scrap piece of 14-inch hardboard or plywood roughly twice the length of the pull and about an inch or so wider than the drawers depth.

Favorite Answer It sounds like you have a humidity problem with your drawer. Insert the wheels on the back of the drawer into slots at the front of the runners. If you have removable rails you could re-level the rails and reinstall them.

Desk Drawer Organizer Tray with 9 Storage Compartments – For Home and Office – Perfect Organizing Pens Pencils Paper Clips Sticky Notes and all your Supplies – 2 Pack. Look in the back for any contents in the drawer box that might be sticking up or out the back of the drawer box preventing it from completely closing. I just thought of something.

Humidity affects many different kinds of wood in furniture. FREE Shipping on orders over 25 shipped by Amazon. Check to see if the unit is level from front to back.

If you have a fixed rail any fix may create a problem where the drawer will be hard to OPEN. How about using some of that sticky back windowdoor weatherstripping and sticking it to the insides of the dresser on each side so it will grab. Be certain there are no papers or other stored materials that are getting caught in the drawer.

Fixing this problem is. Those doors stayed closed during the 89 earthquake out here. Remove anything that might prevent the drawer from closing all the way.

If the drawers still will not fully close contact your purchasing dealer. The hardware attached to the drawer is also not functioning properly due to missing screws. Attach a magnetic catch to the cabinet rail or.

Use replacement screws to properly attach the hardware to the drawer and to allow it to support the drawers weight.

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